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Personal and Physical Development

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is a key way that schools can ensure that pupils are receiving a wide and varied curriculum that is relevant to the lives they live today. At Hugh Myddelton, we like to offer all children a fully and enriched learning experience. Children become well-equipped and are more prepared because they have acquired the skills and attributes needed to help them develop, stay healthy and safe, and prepare them for life and work in today’s modern society. PSHE helps pupils to achieve their academic potential and become rounded citizens. We have a culture at Hugh Myddelton that allows everyone to enjoy the challenge and the adventure of learning. Children use PSHE in every lesson every day, and begin to understand the importance of the subject, how it affects them academically and where they fit in the school community. Children learn that they are all important and with the support and aid of our experienced teaching staff, are able to improve in confidence and become developed communicators.

We also promote healthy eating through the wider curriculum; each class cooks at least three times per year. More information can be found by clicking here.



Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

RSE throughout school life aims to give children and young people essential skills for building positive, enjoyable, respectful and non-exploitive relationships and staying safe both on and offline. It enables pupils to explore their own and others' attitudes and values and aims to help build their self-esteem and confidence.

Our RSE policy is currently being reviewed to reflect the changes in guidance from the Department for Education. If you have any questions or comments about the content of RSE lessons, please contact Ms. Le Moine, who leads the Personal Development team.

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing confidence in a range of physical activities. All pupils engage in two hours of quality physical education each week, in addition to sports and exercise activities that are provided at playtimes and lunchtime and as part of the extra-curricular clubs provision. These include gymnastics, dance, swimming, athletics and invasion games. Physical Education helps children understand how their bodies can move in a competitive environment. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills and also promotes a positive attitude towards having a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Hugh Myddelton, we use a variety of different learning styles in PE. Our main aim is to develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding. We do this through individual and group activities every lesson. Teachers praise good individual performances and use them as models for all children as well as encourage those who find physical activities less appealing. We promote sportsmanship and being able to evaluate not only their own performance but also their fellow peers. Our PE coordinator works in partnership with all staff, always putting the children’s health and well-being first.

Our full PE scheme of work can be viewed by clicking here.

For more details of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for PE in Key Stages 1 & 2, please click here.